Class Descriptions

Aligned Movement +

Aligned Movement is a whole body movement education to restore the freedom of our body to move naturally. The modern lifestyle has reduced our neuromuscular patterns to a fraction of what they should be. Many common and painful ailments are a result of poor motor skills that can be corrected by the practice of simple movements and body re-education. These classes are based on Restorative Exercise and the premise that by optimally aligning the parts of our body and relearning natural reflex driven patterns of movement, we will regain the ability to move with more integrity and freedom and experience less injury and pain. We will explore the objective alignment markers of the body and learn how to restore our body’s alignment with corrective exercises. With an eye toward making adjustments to our habits and lifestyle, we will also develop efficiency and skill in the natural movements (walking, running, crawling, climbing, lifting, etc.) for which our bodies were designed.

All bodies and levels of movement experience are welcome and I encourage you to use this as an opportunity to explore your body’s potential with curiosity and play.

Movement Conditioning +

These classes are an exploration of moving the way you where born to. With an eye toward establishing the natural reflex driven patterns of movement in our bodies, we’ll relearn how to how to crawl, run, jump, lift, throw, carry, climb, and sit in mindful and fun explorations. We will use techniques of inner awareness, corrective exercises to develop alignment integrity, and natural human movement skills and games to interact with our environment. This class offers biomechanical principles that apply directly to the movements of daily life and help you develop power and ease in everything you do.

Born to Walk +

Walking is the primary activity that defines our species. And yet, our modern lifestyles have fundamentally altered our natural movement patterns of walking. This class is a look at the functional movement patterns of the body in respect to alignment and how they apply to this most important activity. Using objective alignment markers of the body, we’ll learn how to restore the body’s alignment through corrective exercises and natural human movement skills. And through these explorations, we’ll see how all our movement patterns and all the parts of our body are related to walking.

Yoga & Movement +

These classes are an experience of Hatha yoga integrated with the perspective of Alignment and Natural Movement skills. The intention is to inspire exploration and play with the body’s full potential both in and out of the studio. The poses and flows of movement encourage full range of motion, stability and strength, while deepening the more subtle awareness of one’s breath and energy. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to modify the practice according to one’s own level of comfort.

Breathwork & Meditation +

Breath drives the metabolic processes of our bodies and is indeed essential for life. The breath naturally responds to support the movement we do, and is a reflection of our state of being. For millennia, breathwork and meditation have been practiced both to align the body, mind and spirit, and to achieve higher levels of consciousness. However, our stressed and underused bodies in modern society have often forgotten how to breathe in a way that supports and restores us. In this class we will explore the mechanics of breathing that will bring about more physical health. We will also delve into techniques passed down from various traditions to tap into a deeper sense of alignment with our whole selves. Explorations may include setting intentions, mindfulness, yogic pranayama, guided meditation, movement and more. Finding stillness is and integral aspect of learning to move in alignment.

“A yogi is he who can find stillness in action and action in stillness.” - Bagavadgita


Inwood Movement

5030 Broadway, Suite 613
New York, NY
(between 213th & 214 st)

Hanuman Health Club

501 W 207th st, 2nd floor
New York, NY

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