One on One Training

 In one on one training the focus is all about you: 

  • What issues you are dealing with? 

  • Do you have a particular goal you are working toward? 

  • What really lights you up and makes you feel alive? 

My purpose in any training is not to create a certain body image or even to make you feel like you had an intense workout (those may be side effects however 😊). I feel the purpose of our training together is to help you get aligned to the self you intend to be so you can move with more ease and freedom throughout your life. 

Some steps along the way in our work together may be: 

  • Assessing your current alignment issues and discovering how they may be affecting your capability to move as you desire

  • Developing an understanding of physical principles for aligned and efficient movement 

  • Learning the correctives that can lead you toward more freedom in your movement 

  • Building your confidence through efficiency in Natural Human Movement skills 

  • Understanding the mismatch between our evolutionary design and modern culture. Use that understanding to find more aligned alternatives to your current  habits and lifestyle

  •  Prioritizing your goals 

  • Integrating all this into a way of life that acknowledges and supports what makes you feel alive

Let’s Get Started!